Stay safe yet social this summer by representing the coolest brands.



B. Q&A

*Please note, hours are not guaranteed and are dependent on client schedule, availability & staff performances.

5. How many hours are you available to work?


You've got a name, right? Give us the basics of who you are and how we can get a hold of you. 

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* Head shot (facing straight on, head facing straight not cranked, the closest thing you have to a professional photo and within the last year.)

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We want to mesh. These questions give us a little bit of a head start in getting to know you and how you can fit in with our experiential marketing team. This isn't a quiz. Do you best to answer honestly and to the point.

6. Where did you hear about us?

Hey, we all got big summer plans, but we need to know when you're around so we can put you to werk. 



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Becoming a brand ambassador provides driven and outgoing individuals with a plethora of unique opportunities—express and grow your interpersonal skills. Meet new people, grow your network, create lasting relationships, and spend your summer with behind-the-scenes access to some of the best events in Saskatchewan and across the country.